Meeting 3 discussion on text (note)

November 28, 2013

We are go throughing a reading Shame & Sexuality (Eds) Pajackowska and Ward – the group will read a chapter of this book on Kara Walker. It is suggested by Miju.


keywords: masichitic, masochism, heaping

a double invisibility of agency, a black women to double. Black feminist theory
since in the 60s, the people deal with this issue before Kara Walker, they redealing , with dangerous, condured the position in the same time. A stronger position to female agency.

celebrating of body (femalist movement 60-70s)
both positive vs negative


90s, women is more abject
A real Black female agency
If Pipilotti Rist is promoting a negative side of women object position, Kara Walker use anject due to the history of feminism.

negativity( there is no +ve/-ve in psychoanalysis)
-ve could +ve
negativity, tension, never be stable

Freud said that change misery/ unhappiness into ordinary

The primary scence of racism in the fantasized memory of slave that.....p.162

White weatern cultural
eg. Melanie Klein

A white woman dream about a black guy invade her home to rape her
guilt? -ve?

negociated, can be approach or recovery
tollerayed, repetition
repeat the dream 
tollerating anxiety



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