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BA in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, United Kingdom 

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Central Saint martins College of Art and Design, London, United Kingdom

Munsang College, HongKong

Born in 1992, Hong Kong based artist Joanne Chan creates paintings that traverse between energy and healing, consciousness and the subconscious, the creator and creation. Since her graduation from University of the Arts London -Chelsea College of Arts majoring in BA Fine Arts, she has become a certified energy healer in 2016. She creates works with a sense of mindfulness.

Joanne uses the universal language such as colors and form to engage with her audience on the metaphysical level. Her paintings are like a portal to another dimension through a non-verbal communication in the subconscious mind.


Her distinctive use of spray paint results in a series of color abstraction that is a record of her gestures. This creative process relies heavily on the rhythm and movement of her hand that is driven by her instinct and pursue of beauty. Rather than drawing references from the physical world, her journey is an inward one. Thus, her series of painting is part of ongoing process of creation.


Through daily spiritual practice, Joanne felt the clarity of her perspective towards the world. As a result, she starts to challenge the status quo of the world order. And she begins to translate and record the new perspective and energy through the images she put onto the canvas. Her emphasis on the vibration value of colors and avoidance depicting the material world create a brand new world with rich colors.


Her paintings and drawings together provides a different way to look at the world and question the validity of our oneness; to be mindful of the environment around you is to be mindful of your one true self.


Artist statement

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