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When we meet other in the first psychoanalyst thinking group meeting

Today is the first time to have my Teritorries of Practice (TOP) meeting on Psychoanalytic thinking in Practice. I am really looking forward to it. I met around 8 schoolmates here, at first, some of them is talking about what they choose in TOP originally but finally get into this group, but let see, something like that. For me, this is my first priority, I feel happy and excited with getting in this group. Since I was interested in psychoanalitic thinking in my first year, I self-studied with some of the issue base on part-object, creation and anxiety, mainly on Melanie Klein's book and her analyst, I found its hard to get start by myself and really want to have someone to guide, however Ual don't have a side subject I could take in that aspect, I have to try it by myself. Through self-studied, I learn more but not sure if this is a right way and need someone to discuss with. I read a book art & psychoanalyst from Maria Walsh, who is our tutor teaching in second year, I was surprised with it and really want to have a talk with her, unfortunately, the period I found her last year, she is really busy to take care a year one student, i still have to work on myself (I am quite depress with it.) Luckily, these year, I finally get a chance to study in her group in TOP. I hope I could grow a bit through these few months. When she came in our class (actuially we are just sitting in a circle), she started to give us a clear year plan on the issue that how TOP works and telling us all the dealine let us have a basic picture with this. And then she invited us to talk about what we expect to discuss and which psychoanalytic issue we used to work on. While my groupmate is talking on their issue, I found that TOP is so good that bringing the art student who have simliar thought on things together in a same group and discuss and share thoughts. they bring up different issues like sexuality and shame, repeatition, objection and visual pleasure (identification), etc. New ideas is coming through out our discussion, we will pick one issue to talk more in future and we choose few exhibitions to visit next week. Like Victor Burgin,white chapel- sara lucas and Freund Museum- Mad, Bad and Sad: Women and the mind Doctors. Also we need to get ready for a short presentation for the work we working on related to our TOP.

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