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( Continued) exhibition day

We went to Freund Museum first, and then The Camden Art centre, both of them is my second time to be there.

In Freund Museum , it's current show is Mad Bad and Sad : women and the mind doctors.

Over all, I was mostly inspired by Louise Bourgeois's small drawing hanging in the second floor. It was a set of little frame with water color child like drawing. Her work is so convinsinly that pushing her things further. the marks make marks by drawing spider, how does it related to her further work creation, we could see the development in this, in my point of view, I found that the shape of spider she draw and the pregnet women, breast is very similar, like showing how the spider become the symbol of mother. In the ground floor, we also discuss the work from Isa Gensken, a mordenist sculpture, is it a form of minimalism? pure form? manifance the plastic with artificial figure, which is not an ideal form. We talk about some people like feminist inspiration, and a kitsch feeling, decoration and insulting to an artist Grayson Perry is celebrate kitsch. He got dressed up with the girls for a proper north-east night out, necking shorts and linking arms with his new pals as they wobbled out of a nightclub in their clumpy heels. And visited Susan, whose house was bedecked in a style Perry had labelled “granny’s front room”. Susan’s working-class, time-capsule of a terrace was lovingly filled with kitsch figurines of shepherdesses and ladies in Disneyland gowns. But though he dismissed the idea of kitsch as “art from which the soul has departed”, insisting that here was heart, here was soul, the thing that really touched Perry was more telling: the photo of Susan’s daughter in her graduation gown, for this was a journey that Susan herself had been denied, as had so many others of her tribe. This affected him so deeply that the first words on Perry’s first tapestry turned out to be “I could have gone to university”. For me, i still need sometime to understand this issue.

After that, we went to Camden arts centre, it is presenting an Exhibition of Capable Artworks by the Notable Hand of the Celebrated American, Kara Elizabeth Walker, Negress.Walker’s new work reflects her current research into the White Supremacist movement and gun culture in the US. Peopled with subjects from both past and contemporary history, the work weaves together historical documents of slavery with more recent racial issues. In this exhibition, I love her video installation of her shadow play Fall Frum Grace- Miss Pipi’s Blue Tale and intricately cut silhouette installations, the ‘wall samplers’, the exhibition addresses highly-charged subjects of repression, discrimination and sexual violence. It attracts me a lot, maybe it's related to a new issue for me sexual violence, the new mean things I may want to explore in the future. Next, we went to Victor burgin's exhibition and talk, A sense of place in ambika P3. A Sense of Place is a major exhibition of the work of Victor Burgin. Five recent digital projection pieces are complemented by earlier photo-text works exploring relations between place, memory and image. His work is concerned with the ways real objects in actual space are mediated through memory and fantasy – the way ‘space’ becomes place. To this end he explores relationships between words and images – which he sees not as separate entities but rather as a hybrid form producing a ‘virtual’, psychological, image. I love this idea most,as i always think in a way that an object, exist in a place as a second could be a eternity universe, I could feel the resonance in between. To his room of work that show words and image, the way of displayig work is pretty nice, the flow of the photos are well organized and are all related to each other, like telling a similar story in different corner of the world, a parallel world.

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